Note to our current and future customers: We have been experiencing unusually long delays on shipments from stone suppliers over the last year. Currently it is taking 8 to 10 months to receive granite pieces. Once stones arrive we place them in line to be engraved here at our business. The entire process can take up to 12 months, and we cannot guarantee it won't take even longer given the unpredictability we have seen in our industry recently. We feel an obligation to let you know about these conditions up front.

Considering a headstone
honor them with a lasting memorial and find peace of mind. 

The Choate Monument team is here to help. Call us today.

Headstone with memorial vase

See some of the headstones we have created. Each life is unique, and each memorial is too – you are not limited to the designs in this collection.  

Headstone after leveling
Headstone before leveling

Read about the re-leveling, date engraving, and repair and restoration services we provide.  



Commercial engraving (limestone)

Whether you're creating a public memorial, a business sign, or an address marker, we can help.  

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